April 23, 2012

Swap Haul: INGLOT, MAC, Revlon & China Glaze

Recently, I had the opportunity to swap with a few lovely ladies on MakeupAlley for some really great wish list products! Some of which were limited edition/discontinued :) And also some MAC eyeshadow dupes and a Deborah Lippmann dupe! Can you tell I'm excited?

 INGLOT Freedom System Palette

I've been crazy over INGLOT shadows ever since I tried them this past summer. My collection has been growing rapidly. Nearly everytime Dave and I are in NYC, I pick up a few more shadows. (Another haul coming soon!) I was really interested in swapping for this palette because I don't have too many neutral or any matte shadows from INGLOT, and because they are dupes of a few favorite MAC shadows. 363M=dark brown from MAC Double Feature 3 duo, 360M=MAC Charcoal Brown (my HG eyebrow powder!), 358M=MAC Copperplate (one of my absolute favorite MAC shadows), 344M=MAC Haux (a wishlist shade, I do not own) and 397P=MAC All That Glitters (a must-have MAC shadow, I already own). They are not all exact dupes, but very similar. The above photo is accurate, the first photo is clearly off.

L to R: 363M, 360M, 358M, 344M, 397P - swatches
MAC Delft paint pot has been on my wishlist for what seems like years. Unfortunately, MAC discontinued this beauty, so it was hard to get a hold of. Especially since it is rated 4.1/5 on MakeupAlley. But with some patience and determination, I was able to get my *grabby hands* on it. MAC Delft is a gorgeous medium-dark teal with gold micro-shimmer. Even the description sounds yummy. (haha, who describes makeup as yummy!?)

MAC Delft paint pot

MAC Delft p/p - swatch

Last but not least, limited edition nail polishes!! Ever since the release of Revlon Whimsical, I have been stalking all my local drugstores, Walmarts and Targets trying to hunt this baby down. I found it in Walmart a month or so back, and Dave didn't let me buy it!? I tried to explain that it was limited edition, and he asked "where does it say that? It only says 'New Shade'." And he took it out of the cart. How dare he! I went back for it the next day; gone! I reminded him of this every time we went to the store- I wasn't going to let him live that one down. I was finally able to swap for it. *happy dance* Whimsical is supposed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air, -blue & pink hex glitters suspended in a baby/light blue base. I do not own it to compare, but you can find swatches all over the Google. $18 v.s. $4, yes please!

And because I am obsessed with holo-polishes, I've been lemming a few polishes from the China Glaze OMG! Collection. This collection was released back in 2009, when I wasn't too into nail polish. I liked nail polish, but didnt pay any mind to limited edition or what collections were being launched. I just bought what I came across in the store that I liked. ChG OMG is a beautiful subtle silver holo (not as intense as GOSH Holographic). ChG DV8 is a stunning bright teal holo, I don't have anything like it in my collection.

Revlon Whimsical, ChG OMG, ChG CV8 - swatches

I can't wait to try out these products! 
Have you scored anything great in a swap?!



  1. i love everything in this post!!! i dont have any inglot products! i need some!!!

    1. YES YOU DO! They are amazing! And very affordable. I'd pay 3x the price for this quality :)

  2. Awesome! I am obsessed with inglot shadows-- I have three of your colors and use them constantly!

  3. looks like you got some great stuff!!

  4. would you believe I've never done a swap before? I really need to get on it lol


    1. WOW! Really? Watch out, it becomes addictive. But its so much fun :)

  5. Love the MAC Paint Pots ,used as Eye Shadow Base :)

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

  6. Great products!
    I want them all.

  7. nice!! those are definitely some enviable goodies!!! the inglot shadows look amazing!!!


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