November 6, 2012

Election Day. Go VOTE!

So this post obviously isn't beauty related... lets take a moment to forget our vain pleasures, and talk about the real world.

Today is Election Day here in the US. I cannot stress enough how important today is. Please find the time- scratch that- MAKE THE TIME to go vote! As an American you owe it to yourself and your country. We have the privilege to live in this amazing country. We often take for granted the freedoms we are accustomed to here in the United States. And while were mostly here to revel in our own guilty pleasures, there are many people who cannot afford such materialistic items or do not have the freedoms we do to express ourselves.

No matter what your political views are. Or your political affiliation- let your voice be heard. Whether you support President Obama or Governor Romney- GO VOTE!

Obama GMU Rally October 2012

A few weeks back, I attended the Obama Rally at George Mason University. My boyfriends family and I woke up at 5:30am, to stand in line from 6:30-9am to hope to get the chance to hear President Obama speak. Not only did we secure a spot at the rally, but we were selected from the audience to stand in the bleachers behind President Obama. Have you ever wondered who those people were that get to stand behind the President while he was speaking, and thought 'how did they get to stand behind the President?' Well, that was us! It was such an amazing experience. Listening to the President live was moving.  It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it was... At the end of this speech we got the opportunity to meet the President and shake his hand. I GOT TO SHAKE THE PRESIDENTS HAND! Unreal. 

That's me!

I'm sure by now, you know who I am voting for. I want to re-elect President Obama. He was not the one who put our country in the financial state it is in now, and four years for ANY President is not enough time to turn it around. I support Barack Obama because he supports equality and women's rights. He is MY President. And I've got his back...

We'll talk soon, pinky promise 



  1. Agreed!
    So awesome you guys got to stand behind him, & shake hands with with him.

  2. Obama fan or not! It's was incredible :)

  3. He may have not been the one to put the country in a bad financial state, but in his first 4 years in office he brought the national debt up by 40%. Bush brought up the debt by $4.899 trillion in his 8 years in office, Obama managed to bring it up by $4.939 trillion in 3 years and 8 months and yet he still manages to blame Bush. Besides the financial situation he's put the country in, I just don't think he's done a good job as a president. I really feel that we need some change and by change I mean a new president.


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